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Covid-19 helpdesk Canada

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The Covid-19 pandemic is causing misfortune in many ways, most notably when it infects family and friends. To those directly affected in such a way everyone of our team sends our heartfelt sympathies and get-well soon messages.

In addition to the personal impacts, there are the business impacts affecting construction projects across Canada, be it suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, owners and third-party businesses of all types.

Here at Driver Trett Canada Inc. we have pulled together, from across our global organisation, useful and actionable information on how best to deal with impacts arising from the current disruptions.

Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions on how to mitigate your company’s risks or merely want to ask a question of us. 

Contact: Kevin O'Neill, Country Manager, Canada. 

Welcome to the Driver Trett Knowledge Hub

Our consultants in Canada have written the below articles, sharing their first-hand knowledge of the impact of covid-19 across the region and beyond, and offering their insight gained.


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