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COVID-19 - Helpdesk

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Helpdesk information

The Driver Trett helpdesk, managed by our team of highly experienced dispute professionals, is here to help you with any queries that you may have in relation to any construction contract, whether it's related to Covid-19 or any other issues.

When your project re-starts, there will be all kinds of challenges. New social distancing policies will impact productivity on some activities, specialist equipment from other parts of the world may be late or inaccessible, and there may be repairs or re-work needed depending on the impact of weather or vandalism etc during the period of suspension.

  • Do you have a revised programme and methodology ready to go?
  • Do you have a commercial strategy ready to maximise recovery?
  • Are these two strategies matching hand in hand?

We will enter a brave new world for project delivery in the next few weeks and months. Feel free to contact us by clicking on any of our regional contacts below for first class expert advice.

We also have also posted  links below to various articles related to Covid-19, that have been written and published by members of the Driver Trett team, should you be interested. 

If you'd like to contact us regarding any other issues, or any of the topics and content below, we have the following Regional contacts willing and able to speak to you. To arrange a chat with them, click on the relevant name below.


Asia Pacific Middle East
John Lancaster KSA - Stuart Baird
Matthew Wills Kuwait - Mustafa Gun
  Oman - Jon Sanderson
Americas Qatar - Stefan Panourgias
Kevin O'Neill UAE - Stephen Osuhor
Europe UK
France - Frédéric Berjot London - Kirsteen Cacchioli
Germany - Timo Zinnel Midlands - Alistair Cull
Netherlands - Hugo-Frans Bol North East - Michael Foster
  North West - Geraldine Fleming
  Scotland - Michael King
  South West - Nicola Huxtable



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