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Sergey Pleshakov discusses managing international projects in the field of oil and gas construction

Sergey Pleshakov

Driver Trett were delighted to participate in the 9th International Gas Forum, that is taking place in St. Petersburg on 1-4 October 2019.

On the 2nd October, Sergey Pleshakov, Driver Trett Associate Director, presented in conjunction with Dentons, a seminar on International Trends in Construction Project Management: insights and case analysis.

The speakers discussed relevant aspects of managing international projects in the field of oil and gas construction and share with guests many years of experience in building a contract strategy, project management, claims settlement and risk management.

Topics included:

  • Key aspects of the contract strategy: classic elements, interface management and alliancing;
  • Practical aspects of selecting a general contractor and risk management;
  • Contract Management at international EPC projects;
  • Approaches and practice of claim settlement: foreign experience.

Gas Forum is the leading event to discuss topical issues of the industry. During the Forum industry leaders make their decisions that provide a direct impact on the formation of the global gas market. 

For more information, please click https://gas-forum.ru/en/about-SPIGF

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Events  /  Middle East  /  News  /  Training

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