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Suspension and Termination Claims - RICS CPD

Projects may be suspended for various reasons, and the duration of suspension if prolonged, would delay the project or impact its progress. At the same time, the Contractor will incur additional costs during the suspension which are not considered in the Contract Sum. The Employer may terminate the contract, subject to the Contract provisions and mutual agreements for various reasons including economic/business reasons, or as the most expeditious way of removing a non-performing contractor.

Join Chung Sheuan Seen and Koo Ming Li at an RICS CPD event on the 26th September to discuss extension of time, standby costs, demobilisation / remobilisation costs and other actual costs incurred due to suspension. It will also cover the remedies for contractor on termination and the employer for a non-performing contractor.

For more information and to book a place please click here.

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