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What can industry learn from sport? – Post 5 of 6 – Football (Soccer)

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 5 of 6 – Football (Soccer)

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 5 of 6 – Football (Soccer)

Teamwork - Football (Soccer)

Football is arguably the most popular game in the world. Globally it is played by over 250 million people in over 200 nations and regularly attracts some of the highest televised audiences in sport. The beautiful game, as it is sometimes called, is played at the highest level by players who have trained daily since early childhood to improve their physical abilities, footballing skills and mental strength. The life of a professional footballer does not just involve extensive practice and physical training but awareness of tactics and practising skills in particular positions. Although the individual must be their best, football is 100% a team sport. The best goal scorer in the world can do nothing unless their team mates can effectively pass them the ball and scoring a couple of goals is pointless if the defence let in three of four. 

Bringing the whole team together is perhaps the toughest job of all which sits with the manager. An effective team that is well managed has often delivered more than the team with bigger star players that don’t play as a team. The united team will keep trying until the final whistle of extra time and likely score in the last minute to the delight of their loyal fans.

In business and particularly in construction, teamwork is also critical. Gathering together star engineers, architects and project managers is not enough to ensure success. The project manager needs to instil a sense of team work from day one. It makes sense on a large project to train together in respect of the technology or contract provisions and only by sticking closely together and understanding and utilising each other’s skills and strengths can the challenges that will inevitably arise be overcome. Perhaps football is the closest sporting analogy to construction projects. In both, it is essential to have the best players available working together as a team to achieve success.

The English Premier League kicks off tomorrow with Liverpool vs Norwich City. Good luck to all the teams in the upcoming season.

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