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Driver Trett Digest, Issue 20


Driver Trett Digest, Issue 20

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Welcome to the Driver Trett Digest

Issue 20 | Seeing the wood for the trees

The title of this issue comes from our chosen namesake article: Seeing the Wood for the Trees, written by one of our UK Operations Directors', Nicola Huxtable. 

The world has been a strange place for most, throughout 2020 so far. The global pandemic that we find ourselves in has thrown up many challenges, and not least for the construction industry; where projects are often reliant on supplies and resource. The global restrictions that we have all experienced have affected us personally and professionally, and we have seen an increase in claims where entitlements for time and money have been said to be the result of Covid-19 related issues.  However, upon deeper investigation we have found that this cause may not always be relevant.

The nuance, as discussed in Nicola Huxtable's article, Seeing the Wood for the Trees, became evident as an overarching theme throughout the articles in this feature, and so issue 20 of the Driver Trett Digest takes this namesake, and invites you to look with fresh eyes upon a problem. 

Despite the challenging year, we are delighted our business has grown to now include a new office and team in New York, and a new joint venture with EVRA Consulting in Africa. It is with thanks to our team of dedicated staff, that we continue to grow and weather the storm of Covid-19. 

We hope you enjoy this issue and the insight offered from our authors of experienced consultants and guest writers from around the world. Please, click through the eBook below to browse the publication online. You can download the issue as a pdf from there, or via the link underneath.


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To access the pdf version, click here.

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If you would like to discuss the content of this Digest, or to discuss topic ideas for the next issue, please email us. 

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