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Congratulations to Driver Trett Oman for the Al-Batinah Expressway

Driver Trett country manager Kobus Havemann, and Khamis Al Souli, our local partner, attended the opening of the Al-Batinah Expressway and were awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) for their role as PMC on the project.

The Al-Batinah Expressway begins at the end of Muscat Expressway near the Halban intersection and ends at Khutmat Al-Milahah in Shinas, Oman, connecting the three governorates of Muscat, North Batinah and South Batinah.

The expressway, which is the largest road in the country to have been built by the Ministry, is expected to provide economic and social benefits to the Sultanate, accelerating urban development along the road and strengthening social bonds.

The completion of the project also supports the transport and logistics sector which is predicted to be a key sector for the regional and national economy.

The expressway consists of four lanes on each side with external and internal shoulders as well as 23 interchanges, 17 flyovers, 12 underpasses, 25 wadi bridges and 1,106 box culverts to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

The developers took into account global technical safety standards and worked with regional and global expertise to complete the project.

Driver Trett was responsible for providing PMC services for the full length of the 270 km expressway, starting at the end of the Muscat Highway in Halban and ending at Khutmat Al-Milahah in the Wilayat of Shinas in the Governorate of North Al Batinah (packages number 1-6).

Driver Trett have a long history of working on some of the biggest highway projects in the Middle East.  For further information about Driver Trett’s considerable highway capability please email dubai@drivertrett.com

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