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Contract Administration Course in Conjunction with the RICS, 12th Sept 2018

The impacts caused by poor contract administration directly affect business and can result in several losses and disputes. This requires knowledge and skills related to contract provisions application, the ability to set up appropriate office procedures and to keep accurate records commensurate for the scale and nature of the projects contract.

Join Chung Sheuan Seen and Koo Ming Li on the 12th September for a day discussing best practice, modern methods of information management and guidance on post contract administration procedures.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognise bad practice and demonstrate good practice
  • Appreciate the need for good record keeping
  • Avoid claims being barred and disputes by administering the contract professionally
  • Collect factual data to support monetary and time claims
  • Analyse and interpret the variation process from inception to valuation
  • Take early action to maintain control
  • Be aware of action to be taken a prescribed milestones and events
  • Understand various commercial processes

This course is aimed at: 

  • Contract Administrators Quantity Surveyors (Main Contractor and Client Side)
  • Building Surveyors,
  • Project Management Surveyors,
  • Commercial Managers of construction companies,
  • Employers Agents,
  • Architects
  • APC candidates from Quantity surveying and Construction competencies

For more details and to book a place please click here

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