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Driver Trett Celebrates Official Launch in Kuwait

Following many years of supporting clients and projects in Kuwait, April 12th marked the official launch of the Driver Trett Kuwait office.

The team welcomed around 100 guests at an informal meet and greet at the Sahara Golf Club. They were joined by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the State of Kuwait, Mr. Michael Davenport MBE, who spoke about the strong links between the British and Kuwait governments for nearly 120 years, and Driver Group’s CEO, Gordon Wilkinson.

The opening of the office in Kuwait signifies Driver Trett’s commitment to the State of Kuwait and our dedication to serving the needs of the construction and engineering community. As we globally celebrate Driver Group’s 40th year, it is particularly pleasing to be opening new offices, so that we both celebrate the past, and look forward to the future.

Guests were invited to join the local team, and other members of the Driver Trett family from across the Middle East, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the construction industry in Kuwait and to celebrate the official launch of Driver Trett’s business in Kuwait.

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