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Driver Trett project gets its own postage stamp!

Driver Trett Project Gets its Own Postage Stamp!

Driver Trett Project Gets its Own Postage Stamp!

As part of Oman’s 49th National Day Celebrations (18th November 2019), Oman Post issued a stamp featuring the Al Batinah Expressway, a key element of Oman’s Infrastructure and the Country’s Vision for 2040.

Driver Trett are employed as Project Management Consultant on the Expressway, acting as independent advisors to the Oman Ministry of Transport.

Bill Power, Driver Trett’s project director, said ‘The 266 Km expressway, linking the capital Muscat with the border of the United Arab Emirates, is now open and greatly appreciated by the travelling public. As a bonus, the Project has its own postage stamp recording Driver Trett’s achievement in perpetuity. How many people get to work on a project which has its own postage stamp? -  viewed and collected around the world’.

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