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What can industry learn from sport? – Post 1 of 6 - Tennis

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 1 of 6 - Tennis

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 1 of 6 - Tennis

Tennis is one of the worlds’ most competitive sports. In order to reach the top of this profession, professional players will focus on both their physical, mental, and emotional attributes.

The best tennis players all have nutrition, mental gain, technical stroke development, and much more on their agenda in order to be the best player they can possibly be. There are no team mates to help when you get physically or mentally exhausted, it must therefore be key to be as self-sufficient as possible on court. Some players have been known to practice one particular shot for a whole week in order to perfect it before going onto another shot. Balance is critical and practice will always involve footwork drills as well as general fitness. Strength training in tennis is not just about muscle power and strength, flexibility is needed throughout the whole range of movements. Wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, hips etc will all need to be in balance to ensure posture, strength, and agility. Tennis nutrition can involve high quality protein and complex carbs, the key elements to provide both strength and endurance. The best players start as small children and can play competitively from the age of 10. Years of dedication are required to reach the top of this sport and win one of the grand slam titles, such as Wimbledon.

It is often the case that key players in an industry such as construction will start off their interest in building as small children with wooden blocks and Lego. Whilst improving individual skills in a given profession, it’s often important to be a member of a team as opposed to a single player. However, to be an effective member of that team balance is also important, between technical skills, communication skills, leadership and the social skills required to interact with people from a very wide range of social backgrounds, that always form part of global and complex projects. To be the best that you can be in any of the construction professions requires many years of study and practice to develop skills and abilities of the required level, in order to deliver on the world’s most challenging projects.

Our congratulations to Serena Williams and Simona Halep on reaching this year’s Wimbledon final. Good luck to Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Roberto Bautista Agut in their upcoming semi-finals.

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