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What can industry learn from sport? – Post 2 of 6 – Formula 1

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 2 of 6 – Formula 1

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 2 of 6 – Formula 1

Cutting edge technology – Formula 1

The pinnacle of the world of motor racing is widely accepted as Formula 1.

To succeed in this sport requires a team to operate at the peak of technical efficiency. Not only do they have to build an engine and a car but they are required to bring all of these elements together, including the latest in aerodynamics, fuel technology, and hybrid electric technology to make a winning machine. Even when this has been achieved, it is not enough to win unless you have the best driver, the best strategist and the best pit crew at your disposal.

A top team will spend over $400 million and have upwards of 1,000 employees, all required to send two cars out to race on a Sunday. If part of the team fails to deliver, whether it be a driver error, a loose wheel nut, or a strategy error, it can mean the difference between spraying champagne and shedding tears. The key thing that these teams have is an absolute mastery of technology and innovative software, backed up by mind-blowing levels of data handling. Typically, a team will collect two terabytes of data from a car in a single weekend using thousands of sensors and cameras, and analyse an unbelievable level of data to measure each lap in microseconds.

The use of technology in construction has increased dramatically in recent years. To successfully deliver on a project these days requires computer aided project management tools such as Primavera, Link2, highly developed BIM software, and complex 3D CAD models of the project and every single element within it. Most construction projects are built in the digital world before a single brick is ever purchased, let alone laid. With supply chains stretching around the globe, full digital integration of the whole construction process is the inevitable way forward and when it comes to major projects, the winners will be those who can master and develop the latest technology.

Our congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on his record breaking sixth Silverstone win!

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