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What can industry learn from sport? – Post 3 of 6 – Marathon running

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 3 of 6 – Marathon running

What can industry learn from sport? – Post 3 of 6 – Marathon running

Preparation and Planning – Marathon running

Marathon running is one of the biggest challenges in terms of physical endurance.

Competitors put themselves through an extremely tough event that only a small percentage of the population would be capable of completing. Preparation and planning is essential and starts up to 4 months before the event. A written training plan is prepared involving a weekly breakdown of the number of runs to be undertaken and their length and duration. Diet and nutrition is also planned months in advance to ensure that competitors eat enough and importantly, enough of the right food stuff, for example no over reliance on sugar. Sleep is also increased as the event approaches, and other exercise such as cycling, cross training or swimming can form part of the training regime.

Little things that could ruin participation in the event have to be thought about. For example, the new trainers need to be well run in, clothing needs to fit well to prevent chaffing, and in the final run up to an event carb loading and increased hydration are important factors to bear in mind. In short, to successfully run a marathon it can take four months of detailed planning and preparation to deliver 26 miles, 385 yards in a few short hours.

Successful business and construction projects also succeed or fail based on the amount of planning and preparation that has been invested. It is the time spent months before the project arrives on site, ensuring every design wrinkle is ironed out and the right equipment, people and materials are available in good time. As the start on site commences, rigorous testing and checking of plans, programmes, design drawings and quantities etc are needed to get the project off to a smooth start to ensure that delivery on time and on budget is a realistic proposition.

The medal pictured is owned by our colleague Lizzie Walpole, who is based in our Bristol office. Congratulations to Lizzie for completing the London marathon.

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