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Practical advice and support throughout a project life-cycle, delivering dispute avoidance and resolution.

Our consultancy team has a sharp commercial focus, ensuring that our dual-qualified staff deliver results that add value beyond client expectations.

  • Commercial Strategies
  • Contract Administration
  • Procurement

Having a clear contractual and commercial strategy for managing the work and risks is essential to the successful delivery of a project. Driver Trett are experts in this field, ensuring appropriate contract provisions and processes are part of our core skill set.

Risk and Value Management

Our services deliver risk analysis, and risk management systems, prior to the commencement of a contract and during the construction phase. Linked to an active value management process, this enables Driver Trett to support our clients in ensuring that construction spend is delivered in the right place, at the right time, to achieve the required results.

  • Change Control
  • Dispute Avoidance

Utilising our extensive dispute resolution knowledge, Driver Trett provides pre-contract services that can minimise the number, and size, of disputes on a contract and ensure that parties to a contract fully understand their risks and obligations.

Preparation, Defence and Negotiation of Claims

Many construction claims are complex and require an in-depth understanding of the contract documents, contract legal context, and factual matrix. Our thorough understanding of these ingredients establishes a robust and effective claims submission. As part of Driver Trett’s core skill set, this knowledge is invaluable in the defence and negotiation of a claim.

Feasibility Studies

Driver Trett can assist clients in drafting business cases and feasibility documents on a wide range of engineering and construction projects worldwide. Our consultants understand how to deliver robust business case submissions in challenging environments.

Design Management

The effective control and management of the design phase of any project is pivotal to the project’s successful delivery on time and on budget. Omissions in this phase can cause serious problems and overspend in the build phase. Driver Trett offer a detailed, hands-on approach to managing the design process across a broad spectrum of projects. We deliver timely, detailed information alongside added value management.

Contact your local office for further details or complete our enquiry form to discover how Driver Trett can make the difference in delivering your commercial project solutions.

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