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The multi-discipline capability that is inherent in Driver Trett’s global team; spanning civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, insulation, HVAC, and coatings, makes us the first choice to deliver dynamic commercial solutions and support project delivery across the energy sector.

Driver Trett have successfully delivered solutions for clients with complex, large scale energy projects all over the world. It is this level of knowledge, experience, and expertise, alongside our track record in the energy and heavy engineering sectors that sets Driver Trett apart.

Our team’s international experience in this sector includes:

  • Renewable – wind energy, offshore and onshore, solar power, tidal, hydro-electric, and biomass
  • Coal fired power stations and flue gas desulphurisation projects, W2H, and CCS
  • Combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT)
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Nuclear – maintenance, new build, fuel delivery, and decommissioning
  • Transmission – pipelines, cables, pumping stations, transformers, and switch gear substations

Contact your local office for further details or complete our enquiry form to discover how Driver Trett can make the difference in delivering your commercial project solutions.

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