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Company and Share Price Information

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Driver Group plc is a company incorporated in the UK (Company Registration No. 3475146) and operates in the UK and from other overseas locations.

The Driver Group is the holding company of a trading group comprising Driver Consult Ltd, Driver Consult (Oman) LLC, Driver Consult (UAE) LLC, Driver Consult Qatar LLC, Driver Project Services Ltd, Trett Holdings Ltd, Trett Ltd, Trett Contract Services Ltd, Trett Consulting BV, Driver Trett (Hong Kong) Ltd, Driver Trett (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Driver Trett (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Driver Trett (Australia) Pty Ltd, Driver Trett (Canada) Ltd, Driver Trett France SAS, Driver Trett Kuwait General Contracting For Building Co. W.L.L., Driver Trett USA Inc, Driver Group Germany GmbH, Driver Trett Spain S.L. and Diales Ltd. Driver Consult is the principal trading subsidiary in the Group.

Driver Consult Ltd is the principal trading subsidiary in the Group and provides the construction industry with a commercial and dispute resolution service.

Mark Wheeler
Chief Executive Officer

Registered Office Address:

Driver House
4 St Crispin Way
United Kingdom


Driver Group securities are currently only traded on AIM.
Number of securities in issue = 53,962,868 ordinary shares at 0.4p (the company held 1,787,811 Ordinary shares in treasury as at 12 October 2021)
Percentage of securities not in public hands = 41.87%

Securities are traded in line with AIM rules & Regulations.  There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares in Driver Group plc.



Major Shareholders – Significant Shareholdings (in excess of 3%)

Gresham House 10,601,013 20.32%
AB Traction (Stockholm) 10,202,880 19.56%
Allianz Global Investors  4,745,000 9.09%
Adrian J Williams 4,036,167 7.74%
Ruffer (London) 3,490,000 6.69%
John P Mullen 2,062,428 3.95%
The Ramsey Partnership Fund Ltd 2,042,801 3.92%
Unicorn Asset Management 1,626,936 3.12%
Teviot Partners 1,626,000 3.12%

Under AIM Rule 26 the number of securities in issue, the percentage not in public hands and details of significant shareholders (more than 3%) are only required to be updated every 6 months. This information was last updated on 12 October 2021. Accordingly, such information disclosed may not be up to date (and may not reflect changes included in the Regulatory Announcements section of this website).


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