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Records records records: A Canadian perspective

Records records records: A Canadian perspective

Those of you that have attended a Driver Trett seminar, or training course, in the past will be familiar with the mantra “Records, Records, Records”.

There are many complex and unknown issues to contend with in the current crisis. However, something that will undoubtedly prove to be essential on any construction or engineering project, no matter which form of contract is being used, or where in the world the work is being undertaken, is maintaining comprehensive records to ensure that you have all the necessary evidence to support your entitlement to time and money – whichever route to entitlement that may be available to you.

Those records may be mandatory, i.e. required by the contract, or discretionary, and may be found internally, or provided by others. 

Contemporaneous records are key, and will include, but not be limited to:

  • Labour resources
  • Plant and equipment resources and deployment
  • Materials
  • Management and supervision resources
  • On-site facilities and other general conditions items
  • Baseline schedules and detailed progress schedules and updates
  • Production outputs for key trades – particularly critical and near critical path activities
  • Progress reports and other progress data, including photographs, video and drone footage
  • Site or project meeting minutes
  • Comprehensive site diaries
  • Specific issues relating to material, labour shortages or disruption of supply
  • Temporary protection and security for the works
  • Evidence of mitigating measures undertaken   

We have interactive training sessions that can be delivered remotely, to head office staff, or site-based contractor and sub-contractor teams. Please feel free to give us a call (1 587 434 9892) or email us at canada@driver-group.com if you are interested in receiving more information on these training sessions or if you would like to discuss any related issues.

This article was adapted from an article written by Driver Trett Technical Director, Andrew Smith, who is based in the UK. It is intended to provide guidance, and does not represent legal advice. The Covid-19 situation is still evolving, and every contract is different. Please ensure that you check your contract terms carefully.


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