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Jonathan  Sanderson

Jonathan Sanderson

Managing Director - Middle East


Jonathan has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. He has held positions at board level and has worked for main contractors, developers and consultants in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Jonathan has also been involved in the establishment of commercial procedures with contracting organisations, and has an extensive knowledge of UK forms of Contract, bespoke forms of contract, in the UK and overseas, and international forms of contract. In the Middle East Jonathan has also undertaken several independent expert determinations for several projects and has been appointed by the parties both individually and jointly. During his many years of experience, Jonathan has gained vast knowledge of the operating procedures contained within a number of contracts and in the application of these procedures to ensure the relevant parties positions are protected. Jonathan has also many years’ experience in claims drafting and writing in the production of claims, including contractual argument and quantum evaluation.

Jonathan has significant experience in major rail, metro infrastructure and large scale construction schemes in the UK and the Middle East, along with extensive claims experience in both the UK and overseas projects. Jonathan has been appointed by counsel to undertake expert quantum input in contemplation of settlement in UK proceedings and has been lead assistant to experts in matters of quantum in Arbitration in the Middle-East.

Through his experience and training, he has the ability to grasp a complicated situation and identify the pertinent facts quickly in order to identify the best route to be selected for the maximum benefit and securing the best outcomes for clients.

Jonathan holds an LLM in Construction Law and Practice which he achieved with distinction, and also a BSc in Quantity Surveying which was also achieved with distinction. Jonathan holds a professional membership with the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors.





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