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Getting construction documents translated accurately can be critical for ensuring the best outcome in any court proceedings.

In the Middle East, construction contracts and records that have been produced in English throughout the entire period of the project, may suddenly need to be translated into Arabic so they can be used in court proceedings or for other reasons.

This can be a lengthy and costly process, especially if the end product ends up not fit for purpose.

When dealing with high value or complex claims or issues, a translator will need to have high levels of fluency in both languages, combined with the requisite technical expertise and a familiarity with the technical, contractual, quantum and delay terminology commonly used within the industry.

In Driver Trett’s experience, the parties typically carry out the translation of the case files and documents through regional translation agencies.

Having worked on numerous disputes and cases around the region over many years using these translated documents, Driver Trett frequently observes flaws, related mainly to structure and wording. This often results in inconsistent and incomprehensible documents in which the parties’ original intentions can be lost in translation and does not allow them to effectively and accurately present their strongest case to the courts or other audiences. 

Driver Trett’s translation services can help ensure the best outcome in any court proceedings or other forum held in the region because;

  • We understand local differences;
  • We understand the cost of getting it wrong - 100% accuracy is needed to ensure the true positions of the parties to a dispute are clearly understood and interpreted correctly;
  • We only use construction experts who are fluent in both languages – not machine translation or translation by non-construction personnel;
  • We never outsource your translation to a translation house – we will always do it in-house to preserve the integrity of the documents;
  • We are fully acquainted with the terminology used in the construction industry;
  • We have the capacity to convey the original meaning of the translated text as closely as possible;
  • We have a complete awareness of the specific contractual writing style in both languages;
  • We understand the intended use and purpose of the translated document.

Globally, Driver Trett staff are fluent in over 30 languages and as such are able to provide premium translation services to international clients through our technically qualified and experienced construction consultants throughout our global offices.

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